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Do you have trial period?

Yes. We offer a Proof of Concept phase where you can test our complete environment with all configuration made for almost 30-45 days, or more.

How fast can you deliver a full solution or a product?

Our personal record is 2 days. The timeline depends on client needs and also on he’s infrastructure, availability, configuration and architecture. We are for sure at your disposal!

What Kind of Customer Support do you Offer?

 We offer 24/ 7 support, both email and phone. Our dedicated team of experts assures consultations, integrations and all kind of technical actions where our clients request help. Trainings and documentations are included!

Do you offer personalized solutions?

 We are glad to develop tailored solutions for our clients. We are open to new challenges and our experience, for more than 22 years on the market, recommends us for any kind of customization.

What SLA/ downtime Mediatel Data can assure?

 We assure almost 100% uptime of our solutions!

Is there a limit of calls or volume?

 The limit is only set by your infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to manage unlimited connections.

How fast can I upgrade the existing resources?

 Just make a call or send us an email and within a few minutes a new license will be added.

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