Supporting the customers before, along and after the sale, Mediatel Data focuses on your assisting with and array of technical support, consulting and training services. This continuous and extended assistance will allow you to rely on our strong expertise and experience in CTI technology aspects and to focus only our business needs


The full range of possible services offered:

Technical support;

Preventive maintenance (periodic revisions);

Corrective maintenance (service, emergency intervention);

Technical inspection;

Analysis services and consultant;

Upgrade/ update on-demand and pro-active software;

Controlling the implementation of changes,;

Control (necessity management);

Locally operating assistance;

User training (training agents and supervisors);

Documentation for each application and module in English;

The Help-Desk/ Hot-Line for technical support, supports the customer’s IT system with specific information on system operation and functions.

The technical support system is organized primarily by direct telephone contact.

Problems raised by users are recorded by email or by phone call.

Through open channels for technical support, urgent on-call service requests or technical assistance with a dead-line solution are received.

Integration & Maintenance

Based on a long experience in the field of integration for very large projects, we have created a unique infrastructure and methodology without a rival.

Maintenance” means all the technical actions (together with associated organizational measures) performed to maintain or restore the functionality of a product.

For us, the “product” is the entire system of our customer, and the support extends as much as is allowed (by contract) and proves necessary (in reality), from equipment and software to applications, methodologies and staff training.

Training & Support

We have a center dedicated to coordination and support of the activities carried out within the projects.

This center ensures the following:

Service management at national and international level;

M-F 9-18 Hotline Line that provides technical support;

24/7 phone number with a person dedicated to the project and a back-up of the this person;

Fix and fax telephone for taking over the requests;

Mobile phone for taking out work requests or providing assistance during interventions in other locations;

We provide support and maintenance at both regional and international level:

Dedicated Support Team 24/7;

Dedicated contact person;

99,99% uptime

Consultations and integration included;

Unlimited field and remote assistance;

Unlimited training sessions;

Software and Hardware Warranty (identifying and replacing faulty hardware).

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