Ticketing system

Ticketing system is a web-based platform which makes it easy to centralize and handle multi-channel inbound requests on one ticketing system, converting emails, phone calls, chat and web requests into actionable tickets and keeping them organized

Email Ticketing System

The solution to better email management is to automatically, and intelligently respond to in-coming email. Our email ticketing module taps into the shared-inbox email workflows, filtering incoming customer support emails and aggregating them in a centralized, feature-rich email ticketing system

Using a flexible, rule based workflow engine, email can be converted into helpdesk tickets that are uniquely numbered and assigned to the correct person or skill group within your business.

Once a ticket is created, it becomes an active part of the helpdesk workflow process that you define

A real-time notification system keeps agents and supervisors informed about other tickets created, customer replies or staff assignment.

Furthermore, a Helpdesk analytics dashboard brings reports and metrics that help assess the entire workflow performance – information like recent tickets, ticket inflow, status, priority distribution and performance of your team

Key Features

Automatically converts new email senders details into a helpdesk contact;

Automatically assigns email requests to the appropiate person or skill group based on flexible rules;

Sends and reads plain text or HTML email;

All embedded images, attachments or other files are logged and attached to the corresponding helpdesk ticket. Outgoing email can contain multiple attachments, knowledge base articles and hyperlinks to online helpdesk/ knowledge base resources;

Creates multiple “email profiles” to scan different email inboxes. Each profile can have different rules, workflow and logging options defined. New emails can be converted into a helpdesk ticket and replies to previous email can be added to the previously logged job;

All email activity is logged for analysis and review

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